Individual and Group Sessions

Individual Training: Learn the same advanced techniques I teach military members pre- and post-deployment.

Couples & Family Training: Learn techniques that will help you weather stressful moments together.

Team Training: Learn how your team can excel during the most stressful moments.

Special Services: Take advantage of custom, confidential services for VIPs, including house-calls and fly-away services.

If you’re returning from a conflict zone—whether you’re a military member, foreign service member, journalist, nonprofit employee, etc.—I’ll give you and your partner a free training session through the StressFreeDC project. I would appreciate a short testimonial from you after your free session.

Lecture Topics

I have lectured on the following topics:

  • The Neuroscience of Yoga & Barre
  • Advanced Self Regulation Techniques
  • Your Autonomic Nervous System, Fight-Flight and Rest-Digest-Nest
  • Your Psoas And Stress Resiliency
  • Tools For Public Speeches
  • Central Pattern Generators: The Neurology of Tremor
  • Adverse Childhood Experiences Study (ACES) and Recommended Tools
  • Stress Resilience From A Yogic/Martial Arts Perspective
  • The Psychology & Physiology of Breathing
  • Nutritional Techniques For Post Traumatic Growth
  • Relaxed Success: Mind-Body Techniques For Higher Performance

Live Workshops


Stress Resilience Training: Module 1

Learn breathing techniques that will help you increase performance and calm your nervous system. This workshop is suitable for large audiences.

Stress Resilience Training: Module 2

Module 2 dives deeper into the physiology of the nervous system. You’ll experience a release of the psoas muscle and of the fight/flight muscles in the body. Modules 1 and 2 can be combined. This workshop is intended for groups of up to 20 people.

Nervous System Hacks for Performance Athletes

Harness hyper-oxygenation, alkalization, psoas release and visualization to take your training to a higher level, while also reaching deep levels of parasympathetic nervous system activity for recuperation and regeneration. This training also discusses the use of supplements for optimal nervous system health.

When the Stakes Are High

When you’re in Las Vegas and want high performance, you must care for your vagus nerve.  This nerve helps you be strategic on the gaming tables. Want to master your poker face? Learn more about the autonomic nervous system and how to regulate your response to stimuli. Master your nervous system, or your nervous system and the opponent will master you.

Deep Relaxation Experience

Do you, your family or your team need to release deep levels of tension? This workshop is based on the work I do with war veterans coming home from conflict zones. You’ll experience breathing practices from the Himalayas that have been handed down over thousands of years, learn an advanced method to release the fight-flight muscles, and work on a visualization to deeply relax the body.


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