Partnerships and Programs

My performance optimization toolkit, grounded in neurological science and a wealth of cross-cultural knowledge, applies across and between industries, professionals, and everyday folks who want to do better work.



StressFreeDC is Rob's way of giving back to his community. It focuses on training high-stress-risk individuals on a donation-basis. His ultimate objective with this is to make DC a less stressed community, and he's passionate about investing in the city's human capital.


Here are the programs I train in:


I haven’t been this relaxed in over 10 years.’ - Peggy, Retiree


Deep Relaxation Experience

This workshop is based on the work I do with war veterans returning home from conflict zones. You’ll experience breathing practices from the Himalayas that have been handed down over thousands of years, learn an advanced method to release the fight-flight muscles, and work on a visualization to deeply relax the body.

Stress Resilience Skills.png

‘The techniques learned were extremely effective at helping me recenter and refocus before starting my next task. The staff who participated were very grateful. They expressed afterward how much they appreciated the workshop and the agency focusing on ‘their self-care.’ They are looking forward to the next workshop!’ - Jessica MacLeod, MSW, Director of Social Services, Thrive DC

Stress Resilience Training for Employee Assistance Programs

Go beyond traditional stress management approaches—learn what the US Military and trauma relief organizations use to manage stress. Learn breathing techniques that will improve your performance while calming your nervous system in Module 1. Dive deeper into the physiology of the nervous system in Module 2. This workshop is suitable for large audiences.

'As a retired CIA officer, I wish I had known these exercises when I was overseas. Rob's in depth knowledge and teaching style is inspiring. Well worth it.' - Darryl Garrett

Hacking Your Nervous System

When you’re in a high-stakes situation and want to bring an iron-clad performance to the table, this program teaches you how to keep your cool while excelling at the task at hand. If it’s a poker game, an important meeting, or a ‘big day,’ for you, these techniques will help you thrive at your optimal capacity. 



‘This was an exceptional experience. I have not experienced a sensation like this before. I was an athlete all my life, and I wish I could have learned those techniques back then.' - Anonymous


Take your training to the next level by harnessing:

- Hyper-oxygenation & alkalization

- Psoas release

This program reaches deep into the parasympathetic nervous system activities, for recuperation and neural regeneration. It also discusses the use of supplements for optimal nervous system health. The TRMR method is based on the work I do with military professionals, training I've done with Wim Hof, and advanced research by the Department of Defense.